Posta tal Musograd is the state owned licensed provider for postal and telecommunication services in the Federated Micronations of the Musanian lands. A high number of employees in all regions of the F.M. work for Posta tal Musograd. The company exists since 1985 and has remained a Musogradian State Corporation (MSC) through all phases of the subsequent state history.

Musograd 2002

Originally only providing postal services, Posta tal Musograd now supplies postal, telephony, internet and email services to the citizens of most nations of the Federated Micronations:

  • Balanda Republic
  • Scientific Republic of Murwillumbah
  • Dershowo Musograd
  • Repubblica Naquarnia
  • Balangrad Capital Territory (federally administered)

Posta tal Musograd is a member of the Micronation Postal Association MPA and has been present at the 2022 Micro-Euro-Summit in Chyše, CZ, where the Postmaster held a presentation on the subject of Microphilately.

Logo of Posta tal Musograd