Cancellations of Posta tal Musograd

Old Cancellations
Cancellations from before 2010 are to be documented at a later point of time. Various types of cancellation are known - the "star" cancellation, the "ring" cancellation, the "Unicorn" cancellation and an early Posta tal Musograd cancellation.

From about 2010 to August 2015, the following non-dated cancellation type was used: Musograd City - Old Musograd City

Balangrad City - Old Balangrad City

Current Cancellations
On 2015.08.29, a new cancellation type was introduced, with the inscription both in English (Latin) and Musogradian (Cyrillic). The new cancellations are dated, using the standard ISO format, which is used in all member states of the Federated Micronations.

Musograd City - New Musograd City

Balangrad City - New Balangrad City

For the "Composers 2015" series, a First Day cancellation with the date 2015.08.09 was used. Composers 2015 - First Day Cancellation