2007 Stamp Issues

Commemorative Issue "National Parks Service"

FM200701 National Parks Service

  • This surcharge issue was dedicated to the Musogradian National Parks Service. The two se-tenant stamps are based on original acrylic paintings and were printed in November 2006, to be officially issued in January 2007.
  • Date of Issue: 2007.01.01
  • Valid until 2008.08.01
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: M$ 2.00 + 1.00 / 4.00 + 2.00
  • Order No.: FM200701 (CW 2.00 )

Definitive Issue "Australian Animals"

FM200702 Definitives Australian Animals

  • For use as add-on values and the lowest printed matter fee of M$ 1.00, three definitive stamps were issued with Australian animal motives. The 50c stamp shows a Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii), the 75c stamp two wallabies (probably Macropus parryi), and the M$ 1 stamp two Black Swans (Cygnus atratus). The stamps are labeled "F.M. Post", which is untypical since they were issued by Posta tal Musograd and not by any "Federation of Musograd Post". The M$ 1.00 stamp has no information line, in contrast to the two lower values.
  • Date of Issue: 2007.01.01
  • Valid until 2008.08.01
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: M$ 0.50 / 0.75 / 1.00
  • Order No.: FM200702 (CW 3.00 )

Commemorative Issue "Kurt Vonnegut"

FM200703 Kurt Vonnegut

  • This issue commemorates the American Science Fiction author and humanist Kurt Vonnegut Jr., who died on 2007.04.11.Many Musogradians regard him as one of the greatest authors of the 20th century. The issue splits his distinctive portrait up into four stamps.
  • Date of Issue: 2007.04.21
  • Valid until 2008.08.01
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: M$ 2.00 / 2.00 / 2.00 / 2.00
  • Order No.: FM200703 (CW 4.00 )

Definitive Issue "Flags of the Republics"

FM200704 Definitives Flags of the Republics

  • On January 1st, 2007, the Provinces of the Federation became semi-autonomous but not sovereign Republics in a first step towards a more flexible structure of the state. Their flags and the Federation flag are displayed in this set of definitives which replaced the 2006 Provincial Flags series. Of the 7 republics, only 3 exist today (2016). The Thylacinian Republic (M$ 1.00, dark blue) covered the northern lands which had not seceded as Republic of Capricornia, the Goralny Republic (M$ 1.00, light blue) was under joint administration with Capricornia in 2007, similar to the Republic of Sprijland (M$ 2.00, blue/red/green). All 3 ceased to exist in later years, similiar to the Libertarian Republic of Kosnice (M$ 2.50), which was absorbed by the Dershowo after its economic breakdown in 2008. Only the Republic of Musograd and Mohuc Azad (M$ 2.00, red/blue), the Republic of Naquarnia (M$ 3.00) and Murwillumbah (M$ 4.00) still exist, partly with changed names. The M$ 5.00 value shows the Federation flag.
  • Date of Issue: 2007.04.22
  • Valid until 2008.08.01
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: M$ 1.00 / 1.00 / 2.00 / 2.00 / 2.50 / 3.00 / 4.00 / 5.00
  • Order No.: FM200704 (CW 8.00 )

Commemorative Issue "Musogradian State Art Collection"

FM200705 Minisheet Musogradian State Art Collection

  • The Musogradian State Art Collection is presented with a full coloured miniature sheet showing a small "naive art" painting by Manuela Torquiza - the original size of the miniature sheet is not much smaller than the painting. The sheet is a combined Air Mail / standard mail issue, with two M$ 5.00 Air Mail values, one M$ 2.00 and one M$ 3.00 standard value.
  • Date of Issue: 2007.05.28
  • Valid until 2008.08.01
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: M$ 2.00 / 3.00 / 5.00 / 5.00
  • Order No.: FM200705 (CW 4.00 )

Commemorative Issue "Children's Drawings"

FM200706 Childrens Drawings

  • This miniature sheet shows children's drawings by a young artist from Zimbabwe. A lion, household devices, a serpent and a self-portrait are shown. Due to personality protection, the artist's name has been obfuscated in the image shown here.
  • Date of Issue: 2007.08.23
  • Valid until 2008.08.01
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: M$ 5.00 / 8.00 / 10.00 / 15.00
  • Order No.: FM200706 (CW 6.00 )

Commemorative Issue "Moral Courage"


  • This issue was the contribution by Posta tal Musograd to a Mail Art exhibition on the subject of "Moral Courage" in Berlin-Wedding, organized by the Mail Art artist Uwe Bressem. The M$ 2.00 stamp shows a nightly scene, where a group of bicycle tourists were hunted by drunken car drivers in Herceg Novi, Montenegro in 1989. A citizen of the town took the group in as guests, chasing off the hooligans. The rescuer actually used to live in Berlin, where he had operated a restaurant.
  • Date of Issue: 2007.09.15
  • Valid until 2008.08.01
  • Fixed perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: M$ 2.00
  • Order No.: FM200707 (CW 2.00 )

Commemorative Issue "Independence Day"

FM200708 Independence Day 2007

  • In 2007, the Federation was under much pressure from all sides. The Independence Day issue symbolizes this with an image where a tree and small branches seem to hold on against a heavy towering concrete wall, titled "Hold On Together". It was issued in a smaller and in a larger format.
  • Date of Issue: 2007.10.03
  • Valid until 2008.08.01
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: M$ 2.50 / 2.50
  • Order No.: FM200708 (CW 2.00 )

Commemorative Issue "Air Mail - Balloon Tour"

FM200709 Air Mail - Balloon Tour

  • To celebrate a balloon tour near Balangrad City in October 2007, this miniature sheet was issued. The sheet was created before the balloon tour using images supplied by the company, and carried on board. It consists of two different Air Mail stamps, one printed three times and the other two times. Perforation of the border varies due to the position within the original printing sheet.
  • Date of Issue: 2007.10.07
  • Valid until 2008.08.01
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: M$ 25.00 (5 stamps at M$ 5.00)
  • Order No.: FM200709 (CW 5.00 )

Commemorative Issue "5th Anniversary of Coloured Stamps"

FM200710MS Coloured Stamps Anniversary - Mini Sheet

FM200710 Coloured Stamps Anniversary - Cut

  • Modern laser printing technology has become so common that it is difficult to remember the times when colour laser printers were rare, expensive, and had low printing quality. Inkjet technology had been available in good quality in the early 2000's, but was not useable for stamp production due to its water soluibility, as Posta tal Musograd production tests confirmed, and standard 4 colour printing was and is prohibitively expensive for small scale stamp production. The first Musogradian colour laser based stamps were printed in 2002, (mis)using a large IBM Colour Printer at the postmaster's workplace. Those were imperforated or rouletted with a star-like cutting wheel.This issue replicates the 2002 issue, replacing the then (and now) used state name "Dershowo Musograd" with "Federasha Musograd". Note the small "posta.mg.mu" web site name - at the time, a .mu subdomain was used for Posta tal Musograd, but that was available only for a short period.
  • Date of Issue: 2007.10.28
  • Valid until 2008.08.01
  • Cut / Fixed Perforation (minisheet), glossy paper
  • Value: M$ 1.00 / 5.00
  • Order No.: FM200710 (CW 5.00 ) (Minisheet and cut M$ 1.00 stamp)

Commemorative Issue "Kosnice University"

FM200711 Kosnice University

  • In 2007, Kosnice University won the Excellence Contest. To celebrate this, two stamps were issued, with different text colouring, showing the modern architecture of the university building.
  • Date of Issue: 2007.11.03
  • Valid until 2008.08.01
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: M$ 4.00 / 4.00
  • Order No.: FM200711 (CW 2.00 )

Definitive Issue "Air Mail - Zeppelin"

FM2007012 Air Mail Zeppelin

  • Designed as a combination of Air Mail label and Air Mail stamp, the stamp shows the famous Airship "LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin" above the text "AIR MAIL".
  • Date of Issue: 2007.11.04
  • Valid until 2008.08.01
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: M$ 4.00
  • Order No.: FM200712 (CW 2.00 )

Commemorative Issue "Vinland Discoveries"

FM2007013 Vinland Discoveries

  • The last issue of 2007 is dedicated to a famous artifact, the "Vinland Map", a map of the world showing the outline of the Newfoundland coast, which would make it, if authentic, the first map to show America, with a presumptive creation date around 1434 according to radiocarbon analysis. It is highly probable, though, that the map was faked using antique pergament. The miniature sheet shows the map. split in 4 separate stamps. The minisheet had a sales price of M$ 100, with a surcharge of M$ 20, as the 4 stamps had a nominal of M$ 20 each.
  • Date of Issue: 2007.12.31
  • Valid until 2008.08.01
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: M$ 100.00
  • Order No.: FM200713 (CW 10.00 )

Year Sets

A full 2007 year set can be obtained via Order No. FM2007FY for CW 39.-.