2013 Stamp Issues

Commemorative Issue "Stammbahn 175th Anniversary"

FM201301 Stammbahn

Issued to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the first Railway line in the Balanda lands, connecting Balangrad City and the Royal Residence of Pocztamy. The line is now defunct, but still visible, with several ruined stations. The Federation Offices in Balangrad City are located directly next to the former line.

  • Date of Issue: 2013.09.27
  • Fixed perforation, matt paper
  • Value: CW 2.00
  • Order No.: FM201301 (CW 2.00)

Commemorative Issue "Ludwig Leichhardt / Jandamarra"

FM201302 Leichhardt / Jandamarra

Issued to remember two very different Australians and their anniversaries - Ludwig Leichhardts 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary of Jandamarra. Ludwig Leichhardt was born in a village near Balangrad and moved to Australia in 1842, where he conducted three expeditions to discover the inner parts of Australia. His last expedition disappeared without traces in 1848. Almost 50 years later, Jandamarra, from the Bunuba tribe in the Kimberleys, WA, was the leader in the fight against further settler encroachment on his homeland. He was born in 1873 and killed in 1897 at Tunnel Creek, WA, not far from Windjana Gorge shown on the CW 2 stamp. Due to a major research error, the Jandamarra stamps contain the incorrect living dates 1837 - 1873.

  • Date of Issue: 2013.09.29
  • Line perforation, matt paper
  • Value: CW 1.00 / 2.00 / 2.00 / 1.00
  • Order No.: FM201302 (CW 6.00)

Commemorative Issue "Independence Day 2013"

FM201303 Independence Day 2013

Issued to celebrate the Musogradian Independence Day, October 3rd., with a classical motive, the soaring eagle.

  • Date of Issue: 2013.10.03
  • Sold only in the Dershowo Musograd and Balangrad City
  • Line perforation, matt paper
  • Value: CW 0.75
  • Order No.: FM201303 (CW 0.75)

Year Sets

A full year set can be obtained via Order No. FM2013FY, for CW 8.75