2021 Stamp Issues

State Surcharge Issue "Corona Emergency"

FM2021-01 State Surcharge issue Corona Emergency reissue

With the Corona crisis continuing into 2021, an additional printing run of Corona Emergency surcharge stamps was required. They differ from the first run in colour due to having been printed with a new printer (Kyocera), and also in paper, as a new, thicker matt paper was used for the first time by PtM. The Naquarnian stamp also has a slightly altered inscription, "Repubblica Naquarnia", due to the official state name having been changed on 2020.10.03. They were printed in double sheets, combining the Musogradian / Balanda stamps and the Murwillian and Naquarnian stamps, resulting in two gutter pair combinations. Same as for the first issue, these will be sold at a surcharge which will also be donated to the FM Corona Emergency Funds.

The Corona surcharge stamps were reqired on all mail until 2021.06.06 when the State of Emergency was declared and the "Musograd Azad" stamps were issued.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.02.27
  • Free perforation, thick matt paper
  • Values: CW 0.50 / 0.50 / 0.50 / 0.50
  • Sold only in the respective state (Dershowo Musograd, Scientific Republic of Murwillumbah, Repubblica di Naquarnia, Balanda Republic) and in the Balangrad Capital Territory.
  • Order No. FM202101 - 4 stamps (CW 2.00)
  • Order No. FM202101gp - 2 gutter pairs of two stamps each (CW 4.00)

Commemorative Issue "Support Ukraine"

FM2021-02 Commemorative issue Support Ukraine

In April 2021, Russia sent high numbers of additional troops and material to its border with Ukraine and also to occupied Crimea. Those movements were observed locally and also via satellite. Russia then claimed those movements to be part of military maneuvers. At the same time, comments in Russian state media hinted at military action against Ukraine, while both air space and sea regions were blocked for traffic in the Black Sea. As of end of April, Russia has declared the end of the maneuvers and has started to slowly withdraw the additional forces. But observers fear this may be a trick, as in 2014, Russia followed a similar path of action before launching the occupation of Crimea and Donbass. Even if this will not happen again this time, the massive surge clearly was designed to create fear and confusion in the Ukrainian people and government.

The FM have declared support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Posta tal Musograd has issued a stamp displaying an Ukrainian MIG 29 fighter jet in a graphically enhanced version, together with the Ukrainian coat of arms.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.04.17
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Values: CW 2.00
  • Order No. FM202102 - single stamp (CW 2.00)

Commemorative Issue "Yuri Gagarin and Michael Collins"

FM2021-03 Commemorative Issue Yuri Gagarin and Michael Collins

Sixty years ago humanity made its first step into space. On 1961.04.12, the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin completed one orbit around earth in his Soyuz 1 spacecraft. The CW 0.60 stamp celebrates this anniversary. The second stamp of this set is dedicated to the astronaut Michael Collins, who died on 2021.04.28., Collins was the pilot of the Apollo 11 "Columbia" module which flew around the moon while his team mates, Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, landed on the moon on 1969.07.20. He should not be mixed up with the Irish independence hero of the same name, whose anniversary was celebrated by a Posta tal Musograd stamp in 2020. The design of the stamps is similar, though - PtM has decided to keep that layout for future anniversary stamps.

Both stamps were issued in standard single motive sheets of 5 by 7 stamps, without se-tenants. The lower border inscription of the sheets contains the name and years of birth and death. Due to a mixup, a partial run of the Gagarin stamps display the name of Michael Collins on the bottom sheet border. The bottom border pieces are only available as set, in a very low number.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.05.04
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Kyocera printing system
  • Values: CW 0.60 / 1.40
  • Order No FM202103 - two stamps (CW 2.00)
  • Order No FM202103bs - 3 sheet border bottom center pieces (2 with correct, 1 with incorrect name) (CW 7.80)

Commemorative Issue "May 8 Revolution - 25th Anniversary"

FM2021-04 Commemorative Issue May 8 Revolution - 25th Anniversary

On 1996.05.08, Musogradian military units based in Mohuc, supported by a large demonstration of citizens, rose to force a change in the setup of the "Parramatta National Government" which was composed of the leadership of the 8 divisions comprising the Musogradij Armije. The new "Red Parramatta" government was still army-led and not at all democratic, but was oriented towards social and societal change. Its lack of democratic roots made it susceptible to another armed power change, with the Nationalist rising in early 2000, but its influence extended far beyond that date.

In the FM, two 2011 stamp issues celebrated the event - one by PtM and one, rather irreverently, by Capricornia Post .

The miniature sheet actually does not display the scene in 1996 - it is based on a painting showing quite another revolutionary fight, the 1848 revolution in Berlin. A small number of miniature sheets were not perforated for technical reasons - they are sold only via the philatelistic sales of Posta tal Musograd, but are postally valid.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.05.08
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Kyocera printing system
  • Values: CW 2.50
  • Order No FM202104 - miniature sheet (CW 2.50)
  • Order No FM202104i - imperforated miniature sheet (CW 2.50)

Commemorative Issue "Douglas Adams and John Wyndham"

FM2021-05 Commemorative Issue  Douglas Adams and John Wyndham

Douglas Adams, the author of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", has been the focus of two earlier issues of PtM, the first one in 2003 and the second in 2014 , The current issue is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of his untimely death in 2001. The value of the stamp, CW 0,42, refers to his famous "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything". Some time after issuing this stamp, an error has been detected on it: Douglas Adams was born in 1952, not 1951, which would have made a 2022 issue more logical.

John Wyndham , displayed on the second stamp of this pair, is an equally important science fiction author. His most important novel, "The Day of the Triffids" was published 70 years ago, which is referred to by the value of the stamp, CW 0.70. His post-apocalyptic but at the same time deeply humanistic novels like "The Chrysalids" or "The Kraken Wakes" have strongly influenced Musogradian thinking.

Both stamps are based on Creative Commons portraits and have been processed with AI technology. They are printed in se-tenant pairs, with the top border of the sheet displaying Douglas Adams' name and the botton border the one of John Wyndham.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.05.11
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Kyocera printing system
  • Values: CW 0.42 / 0.70
  • Order No FM202105 - se tenant pair (CW 1.12)

Commemorative Issue "Musogradij Legija"

FM2021-06 Commemorative Issue Musogradi Legija

The "Musogradij Legija" (Musogradian Legion, ML) is an organisation founded in summer 2020 to support the "Shoolscath" effort. At the time, it was recognized that both MA and the volunteer organisation MTBF would not be able to support the effort for any longer. The Musogradian authorities decided to set up a new organisation, consisting of MA veterans and volunteers from other FM states, especially from Balanda Republic. The ML deployment, starting in September 2020, led to a stabilisation of the situation. On 2021.06.03, however, the fatal strike on the Musogradian forces almost completely obliterated the Musogradian Legion which was then disbanded.

The stamp honouring Musogradij Legija displays the symbol of the Legion, the Eagle, with the digit "9" in the value a hidden reference to the historic Roman Legio IX. In parallel to the events ending that legion, the Eagle standard of ML was also lost in the 06.03. strike.

The stamp is printed in sheets containing 5 by 4 stamps. As both the borders at the top row and the bottom row of the sheet are decorated with the Musogradian flag, only such pieces will be sold for philatelistic orders. The stamp is the first commemorative stamp printed on a new thick matt paper which will be used in selected cases by PtM in the future.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.05.18
  • Valid until 2021.12.31
  • Sold only in the Dershowo Musograd and the Balangrad Capital Territory
  • Free perforation, thick matt paper
  • Kyocera printing system
  • Value: CW 0.90
  • Order No FM202106 - single stamp with border piece (CW 0.90)

Army Service Issue "Shoolscath FX"

FM2021-07 Army Service Issue Shoolscath FX

This stamp was to be used by Musogradij Armija and Legija units during und after the "Final Exam" operation on 2021.06.03. Most of the stamps printed were lost during the fatal strike against Musogradian units on that date, and no legally used exemplaries are known.The stamp displays the "Shoolscath" medal. PtM has reserved a small number of sheets for philatelic sales. All proceeds of sales go to the survivors of the operation.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.06.03
  • Valid only on 2021.06.03
  • Sold / distributed only in the operations area
  • Fixed perforation, matt paper
  • Kyocera printing system
  • Value: CW 1.00
  • Order No FM202107 - single stamp (CW 1.00)

State Definitive Issue "Musograd Azad"

FM2021-08 State Definitive Issue Musograd Azad

After the declaration of a State of Emergency, following the 2021.06.03 catastrophe, the new government decreed a new state symbol, the Rising Phoenix, with the date 2021.06.03 between its wings. The symbol is derived from an old Greek coin which was traditionally used by Musogradian Monarchs to make important decisions. The stamps of this series carry this symbol and also the inscription "Musograd Azad" (in Cyrillic) which translates into "Free Musograd". This is a highly symbolic traditional term and not the official state name which remains "Dershowo Musograd".

The stamps are printed in small sheets containing 14 stamps of a single value each, with every stamp having a border appendage displaying the Musogradian Flag. All Musogradian Government services are obliged to use the stamps on their mail (in combination with other stamps). They are also valid for public postal service. Originally, additional values of the series were planned, but those were cancelled by end of 2021.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.06.06
  • Valid until 2021.12.31
  • Sold only in the Dershowo Musograd and the Balangrad Capital Territory
  • Small Fixed perforation, thick matt paper
  • Kyocera printing system
  • Values: CW 0.75 / 1.00 / 1.20 / 2.00
  • Order No. FM202108 - set of four stamps (CW 4.95)

Commemorative Issue "Musograd Azad - Remembrance"

FM2021-09 Commemorative Issue Musograd Azad - Remembrance

The conclusion of the withdrawal of Musogradian forces from the "Shoolscath" Operations Area on 25.06.2021 was seen as a good date to honour those who have fallen with a miniature sheet. The four State Definitive stamps issued on 2021.06.06 are combined in a miniature sheet displaying a Whistling Kite (_Haliastur sphenurus_) on the right margins, the names of the FM organisations involved in the effort on the left and quotes from two songs ("Eclipsed" by H.A.L.O and "All We Are" by Doro) on the lower margins. The songs represent different aspects of the effort. The stamps themselves are identical to the original State Definitive Issue.

The miniature sheet will be sold with a surcharge of 3.05 CW towards the State Assistance Funds (Fondy Pomoshy tal Dershowo).

  • Date of Issue: 2021.06.25
  • Valid until 2021.12.31
  • Sold only in the Dershowo Musograd and the Balangrad Capital Territory
  • Small Fixed perforation, thick matt paper
  • Kyocera printing system
  • Values: CW 0.75 / 1.00 / 1.20 / 2.00
  • Order No. FM202109 - miniature sheet (CW 8.00)

Commemorative Issue "Stanislaw Lem"

FM2021-10 Commemorative Issue Stanislaw Lem

The Polish Futurologist and Science Fiction author Stanislaw Lem was born on 1921.09.12. To celebrate this great author and visionary, Posta tal Musograd issued a stamp displaying his portrait, processed by an Artificial Intelligence engine, as befits a SciFi author! The value of the stamp, CW 1.00, has been selected to point to the 100th anniversary of the author who was one of the major influences on many scientists and technicians in the Federated Micronations.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.09.14
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Kyocera printing system
  • Value: CW 1.00
  • Order No. FM202110 - single stamp (CW 1.00)

Commemorative Issue "Dante Alighieri"

FM2021-11 Commemorative Issue Dante Alighieri

The Florentine poet Dante Alighieri 1265 - 1321 has been described as the "father of the Italian language", by writing his "Divine Comedy" not in Latin, but in the vernacular language of Tuscany. The Italian language is the basis on which Eetalian, the language of the Repubblica Naquarnia, has developed. The 700th anniversary of the death of the famous poet has thus been selected for the first State Commemorative issue for Naquarnia.

The stamp image is based on a mural in the Uffizi, Florence, by Andrea del Castagno, created around 1450, graphically enhanced to adapt it to the small format of a stamp.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.09.16
  • Sold only in the Repubblica Naquarnia and the Balangrad Capital Territory
  • Fixed perforation, matt paper
  • Value: CW 0.70
  • Order No. FM202111 - single stamp (CW 0.70)

Commemorative Issue "Musogradian Independence Day 2021"

FM2021-12 Commemorative Issue Musogradian Independence Day

In contrast to the issue for the 30th anniversary of Musogradian indepence in 2020, the 2021 issue is not very spectacular, displaying a Roman imperial coin showing an Eagle, the symbol of a Roman legion. This connects the issue not only to the heraldic animal of the Musogradian state, but also to the fate of the Musogradian Legion which perished in the "Shoolscath" operation in 2020/21.

The stamp was issued in small sheets of 6 by 2 stamps, with every stamp having an appendix displaying the Musogradian flag.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.10.03
  • Sold only in the Dershowo Musograd and the Balangrad Capital Territory
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Value: CW 1.50
  • Order No. FM202112 - single stamp with flag appendix (CW 1.50)

Definitive Issue "Houses in the F.M."

FM2021-13 Definitive Issue Houses in the FM

The FM wide definitives series "Australijan Views" will be replaced over the next few years. The new definitives series will display traditional houses from all States and Territories of the Federation. To provide the designs, a contract with the young designer A. Wulf has been set up. The stamps will be printed in small fixed format, with some issued as se-tenant double stamps. The series is starting with the most common values, 0.50 CW and 1.00 CW:

The 0.50 CW stamps are printed as se-tenant double stamps which as a pair can also be used as a 1.00 CW stamp. The motive is a group of houses in the Old Town of Murwillumbah, SRM. Originally built in the 17th century, the houses are the home of an extended sea trader family.

The 1.00 CW stamp shows a traditional farmers house in the Balanda Republic. The wooden house is located near the town of Fennik and was built in the 19th century.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.11.01
  • Design: A. Wulf
  • Small Fixed perforation, matt paper
  • Values: CW 0.50 / 1.00
  • Order No. FM202113 - se tenant pair and single stamp (CW 2.00)

Commemorative Issue "Goralni National Park"

FM2021-14 Commemorative Issue Goralni National Park

Goralni National Park is the largest National Park of the Federated Micronations. Its largest portions are located in the Dershowo Musograd, smaller areas are located in the Republic of Capricornia. About three quarters of the Goralni Mountains region of the Dershowo are protected by the Musogradian part of the park. The stamps show two landmarks, both a combination of natural and man-made structures.

The CW 1.50 stamp shows the Wolf Pass Lodge in the northern part of the park. Wolf Pass is the highest pass of the park. In the 1980s, a lodge has been built to shelter travellers and tourists. Its modernist design symbolizes the flow of water in a waterfall (the Lycanian Falls are in the vicinity of the lodge).

The CW 2.00 stamp shows Rhana Gate at the western border of the park. The Rhana river, largest river of the F.M., originates in the Goralni Mountains. Its floods used to be quite destructive. In the early 1900's, it was decided to solve the issue, but the protection of the Rhana Gorge was a requirement, precluding a dam. The Rhana Gate was designed as an alternative solution, working as a flow limiter by inserting a series of turbulence generating walls into the flow. The magnificient design of the Rhana Gate has become the symbol of the park.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.10.21 (CW 2.00) / 2021.11.09 (CW 1.50)
  • Design: A. Wulf
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Values: CW 1.50 / 2.00
  • Order No. FM202114 - two stamps (CW 3.50)

Commemorative Issue "Christmas 2021"

FM2021-15  Commemorative Issue Christmas 2021

On first glance, the 2021 Christmas issue seems to be based on a photo of a modernist church window or painting, e.g. by Marc Chagall. In fact, it is based on a photo of colloidal crystals, small (109 nm diameter) particles of polystyrole suspended in water where they align into a grid under the right conditions. The colours are generated by the diffraction of polarized light by the crystals which have different orientations. The photo actually was taken by the Postmaster in 1993 at the University of Kosnice, who was involved in Colloidal Crystal research at the time.

Anyway, Posta tal Musograd wishes you a wonderful and healthy Christmas season!

  • Date of Issue: 2021.12.06
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Value: CW 1.70
  • Order No. FM202115 - single stamp (CW 1.70)

Service Issue "Federal Administration in Musograd"

FM2021-16 Service Issue FAiM

To stop the rapid escalation of the political situation in the Dershowo Musograd, the Federated Micronations decided to take control of the country in the form of a "Federal Administration in Musograd", guaranteeing the autonomy of local administrations while setting up a neutral framework for the administration of statewide issues. To simplify postal communication within the FAiM and to separate internal mail from public services, Posta tal Musograd was asked to issue a Service stamp for the FAiM and to provide the respective postal services. The stamp is valid for service shipments up to 100g, with multiple stamps being used for heavier shipments. Its motive is an Athenic owl, the symbol of wisdom.

  • Date of Issue: 2021.12.28
  • Not sold to the public (except for philatelic purposes)
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Value: "A" - Service Letter up to 100g within the Federated Micronations.
  • Order No. FM202116 - single stamp (CW 1.00)