Posta tal Musograd supplies postal, telephony, internet and email services to the citizens of all States of the Federated Micronations.

Postal Charges:

Inland charges apply for all shipments within one of the member states of the Federated Micronations serviced by Posta tal Musograd, or to / from the Federally administered Territories. The postal service within the Republic of Capricornia or from the RC to the other member states of the F.M. is provided by Capricornia Post. The following table is valid as of 2016.01.1.

Letter TypeMail Charge (CW) (Price pre 2016 in brackets)
Inland (up to 20g)0.60 (0.55)
Inland (up to 50g)0.95 (0.85)
Inland (up to 500g)5.00
Inland - Advertising Postcard0.45 (0.40)
Within Musograd City (up to 20g)0.30 (0.20)
Within Balangrad City (up to 20g) 0.30 (0.20)
FM Countries (up to 20g) 1.20 (1.10)
FM Countries (up to 50g) 1.75 (1.50)
FM Countries (up to 500g) 5.00 (4.00)
Other Countries (up to 20g) (Air)2.50 (2.20)
Other Countries (up to 50g) (Air)3.00
Other Countries (up to 500g) (Land/Sea)3.50 (4.00)
Other Countries (up to 500g) (Air)5.00
Other Countries (up to 1000g) (Land/Sea Parcel)6.00 (8.00)
Other Countries (up to 1000g) (Air)10.00
Registered Letter Surcharge2.15

Air Mail Label 2009

All stamps denominated in Common Wallaroo (CW) or Bits (100 b = 1 CW) are valid for postage in all states and territories.