1991 Stamp Issues

Commemorative Issue "King Gijorgi I"

FM199101 King Gijorgi I

After the lost battle of Kijel, ending the Northern Expeditions, Raje Karul decided to abdicate. His son, Gijorgi tal Musograd, became king on 1991.01.01. A series of stamps was issued in the traditional Coat of Arms design, with "GR" (in semi-cyrillic letters "GP") for Georgius Rex written on the breast of the Twin-headed Eagle. The series consisted of four stamps, with the NMD 25 value printed both on blue and on green paper.

  • Date of Issue: 1991.01.20
  • Valid until 1994.11.02
  • Printed with IBM dot matrix printer.
  • Printed on red / blue / green / green gummed paper
  • Value: NMD 10 / 25 / 25 / 50
  • Order No.: FM199101 - 4 stamps with fine wheel perforation (CW 10.00)