2011 Stamp Issues

Definitive Issue "Australian Landscapes"

FM201101 Australia Definitives

  • The CW 0.45 value of the Australia definitive series shows a plains view from the Great Western Highway in WA. The stamp contains a spelling error in the information text in the stamp margins - "Gread" instead of "Great".
  • Date of Issue: 2011.01.15
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: CW 0.45
  • Order No.: FM201101 (CW 0.45)

Commemorative Issue "Mohuc - City of Science and Technology"

FM201102 Mohuc Gorod Nauka

  • Issued to celebrate the title "City of Science" awarded to the City of Mohuc, the second largest city in the Dershowo Musograd. The miniature sheet contains 3 each of two CW 0.50 stamps, the first showing a drawing of a modern train by N.Palgora, a young artist from Mohuc. The second shows a city view, but with the great River Rhanos replaced by processed images of colloidal crystals, a research area at Mohuc University.
  • Date of Issue: 2011.03.19
  • Shown at 80% of standard size
  • Fixed perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: CW 3.00 (6 x 0.50)
  • Order No.: FM201102 (CW 3.00)

Commemorative Issue "World Toilet Association"

FM201103 World Toilet Association

  • Issued to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the World Toilet Association. The stamp shows the letters "WC" in front of an historic toilet from around 1900. The idea to this stamp was born by the observation that everybody was fascinated by the wedding of two young persons, William and Catherine (aka Kate) while the multiple problems of the world were completely ignored.
  • Date of Issue: 2011.04.29
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: CW 2.50
  • Order No.: FM201103 (CW 2.50)

Commemorative Issue "Musogradian Anniversaries"

FM201104 Musogradian Anniversaries

  • Issued to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Dershowo Musograd, and the 15th anniversary of the Musogradij Respublike. The stamps were printed in se-tenant pairs.The Dershowo stamp (CW 0.50) shows the Flag of the Dershowo (in use until 2014) in front of the view from Flagstaff Hill in the Tobago Range in Naquarnia, where the capitulation of Republican forces took place. The Respublike stamp (CW 1.00) shows a painting of the evening side of Uluru by Robert Bilak, created during the days of the Red Parramatta Revolution in 1996. This painting is still on display in the Federation Offices in Balangrad City. The double issue is a symbol of national reconciliation.
  • Date of Issue: 2011.05.22
  • Sold only in the Dershowo Musograd and in Balangrad City.
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: CW 0.50 / 1.00
  • Order No.: FM201104 (CW 1.50)

State Definitive Issue "Musogradian Anniversaries"

FM201105 Musogradian Anniversaries Definitives

  • Posta tal Musograd issues State definitives for the States of the Federation, for the most common postal values. For the Dershowo, the "Musogradian Anniversaries" issue was selected. The stamps are smaller than the Commemoratives version and were printed with high colour intensity settings.
  • Date of Issue: 2011.05.22
  • Sold only in the Dershowo Musograd and in Balangrad City.
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: CW 0.50 / 1.00
  • Order No.: FM201105 (CW 1.50)

Definitive Issue "Book Shipping Stamp"

FM201106 Book Shipping stamp

  • To cover the shipping costs for Book shipments up to 1000g, a special stamp with an attached large multi-lingual label was issued. The small stamp shows the portrait of an author, K.Kustos, who selected PtM to ship his book, a depressing volume about cultural decline, to his customers. The stamps exists in two colour variants, a greenish one still available, and a brownish one which is almost out of stock, having been used up for the shipments. A very small number of the brownish version is still available as a free add-on to the Full Year Set, Order No. FM2011FY.
FM201107 Book Shipping stamp brown

  • Date of Issue: 2011.06.26
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: CW 0.77
  • Order No.: FM201106 (greenish variant) (CW 0.77)
  • Order No.: FM201106 (brownish variant) (RARE) - distributed only with Full Year Set while stocks last

Commemorative Issue "Common Wallaroo Gold Based"

FM201108 Common Wallaroo Gold Based

  • Issued to celebrate the introduction of Gold backing for the Common Wallaroo on 2011.08.15. The Gold backing was a success as it stabilized the trust of the population into the currency and as it was an effective devaluation due to falling Gold prices in 2012-13. The stamp shows a 1/2 Ounce Australian Kangaroo Gold coin, displaying a Common Wallaroo. The WA subspecies of the Common Wallaroo is also called "Euro".
  • Date of Issue: 2011.09.04
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: CW 1.00
  • Order No.: FM201108 (CW 1.00)

Commemorative Issue "Mauritius Exhibition in Balangrad City"

FM201109 Mauritius Exhibition

  • Issued to celebrate an Exhibition of the "Mauritius Post Office" stamps in the Postal Museum in Balangrad City. The F.M. stamp actually is the small appendage on the left; the right half with the image of the famous "Blue Mauritius" in a "Musograd" variant has no postal validity. The stamp was issued in se-tenant pairs with the appendages in the middle.
  • Date of Issue: 2011.09.25
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: CW 2.00
  • Order No.: FM201109 (CW 2.00)
  • FM201110 Mauritius Exhibition Pair
  • Pair of 2 stamps with 2 appendages - not included in the 2011 Year Set
  • Order No.: FM201110 (CW 4.00)

Commemorative Issue "Musogradian Independence Day 2011"

FM201111 Independence Day 2011

  • Issued to celebrate the Musogradian Independence Day 2011, the stamps are designed on the basis of an inofficial stamp issued by the Republican authorities during the Spanish Civil War. The stamp has a high value of CW 5.00, to be used for parcels, and was issued as se-tenant pairs in a Musogradian (cyrillic) and English (latin) variant.
  • Date of Issue: 2011.10.03
  • Sold only in the Dershowo Musograd and Balangrad City
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: CW 5.00 + 5.00
  • Order No.: FM201111 (CW 10.00)

Commemorative Issue "Leopold Kohr"

FM201112 Leopold Kohr

  • Issued to celebrate the economist, jurist and political scientist Leopold Kohr (1909 - 1994), who is famous for his "small is beautiful" philosophy expressed in the book "The Breakdown of Nations", a philosophy very much connected to Micronations. The two stamps are based on two images of Leopold Kohr owned by the "Leopold Kohr Akademie" in Neukirchen, Austria, which granted PtM the right to use them for the stamps.
  • Date of Issue: 2011.11.23
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: CW 0.50 / 0.75
  • Order No.: FM201112 (CW 1.25)

Definitive Issue "Australian Landscapes"

FM201113 Australia Definitives

  • The 4 values of the "Australia" definitives are the first ones to show East Australian and Tasmanian landscapes. The CW 0.90 value shows the Ebor Falls in Guy Fawkes (River) National Park, NSW, the CW 1.50 value shows Trial Bay, NSW, a beautiful place where a WW I prisoner camp was located. On the CW 1.75 stamp, the artificial Lake Burbury in Tasmania is shown, and on the "Urgent Mail" CW 3.45 value, a rock in the evening sun, in Blue Mountains NP in NSW.
  • Date of Issue: 2011.12.07
  • Line perforation, glossy paper
  • Value: CW 0.90 / 1.50 / 1.75 / 3.45
  • Order No.: FM201113 (CW 7.60)

Year Sets

A full year set can be obtained via Order No. FM2011FY, for CW 31.57. The first 4 full year sets ordered will contain the brownish variant of the CW 0.77 Book stamp free of charge.