2024 Stamp Issues

Commemorative Issue "Diplomatic Dinner in Balangrad City, 2024.01.06"

Commemorative Issue Diplomatic Dinner Balangrad City

On 2024.01.06, the Government of the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary invited a number of Micronations to a Diplomatic Dinner. In addition to participants from Obscurium, Pleiso and New Rubix, also the Postmaster General of Posta tal Musograd, representing the F.M., was invited to the event which was very relaxed and interesting. Some of the attendees were also able to visit the offices of the Musogradian stamp printing house "yourstamps" after the dinner.

PtM issued a stamp to commemorate the event, combining the well known "Bramborska Gate" as a symbol of Balangrad City with the flags of Duckionary, Obscurium, New Rubix and Pleiso (from left to right). The participants received First Day Covers of the issue.

  • Date of Issue: 2024.01.06
  • Design: J.Schwarz
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Printed with Kyocera printer
  • Value: CW 1.75
  • Order No. FM202401 - single stamp (CW 1.75)

Commemorative Issue "Year of the Dragon 2024"

Commemorative Issue Year of the Dragon 2024

The Chinese "Year of the Dragon" begins in February 2024. Posta tal Musograd does not usually celebrate the Chinese New Year, but has made exceptions for the Year of the Dragon 2012 and the Year of the Horse 2015 . For 2024, a pair of stamps celebrating the Year of the Dragon was issued, displaying a pair of dragons chasing each other. The inscriptions are in Traditional Chinese, Musosloviansk and English. The graphics of the CW 3.00 stamp is based on an original crayon painting, with the graphics of the 2.00 stamp having been derived from the drawing by AI technology. The printing sheet consists of 2 x 6 se tenant pairs.

  • Date of Issue: 2024.01.31
  • Design: J.Schwarz
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Printed with Kyocera printer
  • Value: CW 2.00 + 3.00
  • Order No. FM202402 - pair of se tenant stamps (CW 5.00)

Commemorative Issue "Supporting Ukraine against russian aggression"

Commemorative Issue Supporting Ukraine against russian aggression

On 2022.02.24, the russian army started a full scale war against Ukraine, which is still ongoing and in an uneasy stalemate after two years of severe fighting. Most western nations reacted too slow to this final step into a new era of warfare. Analysts in the F.M. predicted the unfolding events already in 2008 and in detail in 2021 and early 2022 , documented also by respective PtM stamp issues .

The 2024 stamp issue depicts a destroyed russian T72B tank which was displayed in front of the russian embassy in Berlin, Germany (aka Balangrad City) in February 2023. The photo was taken by the Postmaster General and processed to enhance the "NAFO" meme and Ukrainian flag on top of the tank and to remove the russian flag from the embassy building. The sign in front of the tank shows the text "russland vernichtet unsere Zukunft", ie "russia destroys our future".

An explanatory text was printed on the reverse side of the stamp, using technology recently developed by yourstamps . The stamp was printed in small sheets containing six stamps each, with Ukrainian and English border texts. We apologize for the spelling error on the border - "russian" would have been the correct spelling.

Commemorative Issue Supporting Ukraine against russian aggression - small sheet

The 2CW surcharge will be donated to the "United24 Dronation" campaign supporting the Ukrainian army. For international philatelic sales, the full sales amount will be donated. Alternatively, to receive a minisheet, customers may donate an amount of 24€ / US$ 24 directly to the project . For this, a screenshot confirmation of the transfer is required. Offer valid as long as stock available.

  • Date of Issue: 2024.02.24
  • Design & photo: J.Schwarz
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Printed with Kyocera printer
  • Value: CW 2.00 + 2.00 surcharge
  • Order No. FM202403 - single stamp (CW 4.00)
  • Order No. FM202403s - small sheet containing six stamps (CW 24.00)

Commemorative Issue - "The Kraken Wakes - Sea Surface Temperature Crisis"

Commemorative Issue - The Kraken Wakes - Sea Surface Temperature Crisis

About one year ago, some Climate scientists invented the phrase "Gobsmacking Bananas" to describe a strange phenomenon they could not explain, an extreme rise of sea surface temperatures in all oceans around the globe. Based on satellite measurements , the temperatures were about 0.3°C higher than any seen since the start of compareable measurements. Now, one year later, the rise continues, with the current value again 0.2°C higher than last year. Until now, the oceans served as a buffer for the climate, but that phase is probably over now. As the sea surface couples to the atmosphere and injects humidity and energy into it, we are already seeing strange weather phenomena in many regions caused by the temperature jump.

In 1953, John Wyndham published the classic science-fiction novel "The Kraken Wakes" , in which he described the melting of the polar ice by a race of alien invaders which had settled in the deepest oceans. The denial, belated action and ensuing chaos and breakdown of society are accurately described. Of course, today, we are the aliens.

The inscription on the stamp refers to the novel and through it to the poem "The Kraken" by Alfred Tennyson which inspired John Wyndham. A chart showing the sea surface temperature of the temperate zones between 1981 and today serves as background.

The stamp is printed in small sheets of six, with sheet border pieces decorated with the current global sea heat map connected to each stamp.

  • Date of Issue: 2024.02.28
  • Design: J.Schwarz
  • Fixed perforation, matt paper
  • Printed with Kyocera printer
  • Value: CW 0.75
  • Order No. FM202404 - single stamp (CW 0.75)
  • Order No. FM202404s - small sheet containing six stamps (CW 4.50)